Vimer Questions

With Vimbee you are able to collect Vim Points in a variety of ways. It starts with the creation of your profile during the registration. Furthermore you get Vim Points each time when you rate products or services and when you share your opinion and it is valued as useful by the community, you get even more points in future ratings. Even by purchasing via Vimbee you get Vim Points which you can then redeem for deals.

Basically every registered company can create deals, for which you can redeem your Vim Points. Luckily it's also on behalf of the companies to offer as many different and attractive deals as possible to increase their outreach.

Your data will be stored safely on german servers. We will never pass on personalised data to companies. Your name will never be displayed publicly on our platform without your permission.

Company Questions

Vimbee is fundamentally free of paid advertisement. The cause for this is that we do not want to expose our community to unwanted ads and to not disadvantage companies with smaller marketing budgets. At Vimbee it is the quality of products and services that counts instead of the quality of advertisement. This isn't just on behalf of the consumer but also logically in the interest of every company which is interested in improving their products and services.

Profiles for products and services can on the one hand be created by basic users, but on the other hand also by administrators of a company. This can be done manually or via .xml import.
There will be also a great pool of profiles available in our system due to data mining.

It is even possible to assign administrator's rights for every level of our architecture. This way you can assign rights for single products, for categories or for complete companies.

General Questions

The regular usage of the platform is of course free and even companies with up to 10 products or services can be administrated gratis. This kind of "Freemium Bundle" can for an additional charge be extended with further features like surveys, statistics or more product or service profiles.

Our revenue results from the product bundles which companies pay for monthly to analyse and manage more than 10 products or services at a time, from survey and statistics bundles and furthermore from our affiliate program. This means that we profit a little from every lead and every purchase that results from Vimbee. This is very common in online marketing and our affiliate costs are relatively low. It is important to us that we will not display paid advertisements at any time. The content that will be shown in our related area results from the ratings of the vimers and is therefore free of commercial influence.


Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00
  • Sunday: Closed

Other Questions

Have you got any other questions or do you need help? You are always very welcome to ask us for support us at any time.