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Vimbee is your direct wire to effectively communicate with companies and other users. On an advertisement-free platform where you can find fast and efficiently and compare transparently what you're really looking for. Share your opinion independently of language with global outreach and profit from all of your activities.

Transparent & Authentic Results

Clear information assures certainty about the true quality.

Be Powerful with Vimbee

Obtaining and Achieving more in the long term through high interference

Search specifically, find fast and intelligently

Whether products, services, gastronomy, politics, entertainment, sport, infrastructures and many more. On Vimbee you get detailed results depending on your interests and you always find the best and cheapest providers. Based on real recommendations, locally, trans-regionally or globally.

Search specifically, find fast and intelligently

Trust and security through a strong community

Through the community engagement Vimbee reflects the current opinion language-independently and compactly at a glance. Wherever and whatever you're looking for. This way you always get a straight comparison based on detailed empirical values for more safety and confidence.

Trust and security through a strong community

High influence through sustainable communication

With your opinion you can reach many other users all over the world and support them in their daily life. Furthermore your feedback and your behaviour reaches the right companies and organisations so that your voice has a sustainable influence on development improvement and innovation.

High influence through sustainable communication

Profit through your engagement

You can sustainably create an extensive shift in many economical fields and in your own surroundings to personally profit through your activities. Additionally, you are rewarded with exclusive discounts and deals when you share your opinion, recommend or expand Vimbee.

Profit through your engagement

Discover new correlations

Vimbee connects all thinkable industries and topics by means of their actual relations in the real world and the community. You can always follow these connections in the platform structure and discover something new and interesting from other related areas for yourself.

Discover new correlations

With Responsibility Towards Improvement

The wide-reaching inclusion of democratic positions creates positive change

Actively Shaping the Future

Be a part of imminent improvement processes

Supporting Innovations

Vimbee contributes through your engagement and your opinion to a more transparent and representative implementation of market research.

Influencing Decisions

You can have more influence on the development of products or services and on decisions in your local and global surrounding.

Comprehensible Data Handling

The generated data is anonymous without any personal content as it is only used for statistical purposes instead of personalised advertisement.

Win with Vimbee

Conscientious Culture for Consistent Reliability

Vimbee stands for efficient and clear communication and the responsible and sustainable handling of global resources.

You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Unambiguous honesty, transparency and a positive orientation are the top priority at Vimbee and will continuously realised in all fields of business through a respectful and sustainable path of steady improvement. Here you can find further information about the corporate culture of Vimbee.

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